Personal Protection 101

Personal Protection 101
We are excited to present this 45 minute Personal Protection seminar!
This will be jam packed with information and demonstrations of physical skills, awareness drills by Justin and his students. We will also be covering the mindset behind what is needed to prevent and defend against an attack.
Attendees are encouraged to bring a notebook and take photos(no video please) to help document these skills to take home and practice and reflect on.
In addition to the physical skills, Justin will be covering how to deescalate a rocky situation using verbal skills and proper physical posturing. Leaving you set up to leave or defend, and how to tell which is appropriate.
After the seminar, we will be sending out free instructional videos of all of the movements covered during the seminar as well as a few extra. And as a bonus for attending, you’ll receive an exclusive invitation to a hands on workshop.
Please pre-register to reserve your spot as we are expecting them to go quick!

March 5, 2019
Time: 7:00 PM to 7:45 PM
Hartford Union High School
805 Cedar St
Hartford, WI 53027 us
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Event Price: FREE
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