The GFWC Hartford Women's Club is a proud member of the General Federation of
Women's Clubs.  Honoring the motto of Unity in Diversity, we come together as unique
individuals dedicated to community improvement.  Our club held its first meeting in 1985.

Each year we sponsor one major fund raiser, The Great Hartford Craft Exposition, held at
Hartford Union High School in November.  
In keeping with our  theme of "Making It
Happen in Hartford
", funds generated from these annual events are used to support a
variety of
community programs and charities.

We are one of more than 80 clubs federated under GFWC in Wisconsin.  The
is involved in many projects.  We own
Wisconsin's Own Library, an extension collection of
works by Wisconsin authors that moved in November, 2007 to the Lane Library at Ripon
College.  In 1932, GFWC-WI undertook a partnership with Trees for Tomorrow,
establishing the GFWC-WI Forest within the Nicolet Forest in northern Wisconsin.   

General Federation of Women's Clubs, one of the world's largest and oldest
nonpartisan, nondenominational, women's volunteer service organizations, was founded
in 1890 and chartered by the 56th United States Congress in 1901.  Headquartered in a
National Historical Landmark building in Washington, D.C., GFWC has a long history of
philanthropy, social and political advocacy, and community leadership.  More than
100,000 members in affiliated clubs in every state and more than a dozen countries work
in their own communities to support the arts, preserve natural resources, advance
education, promote healthy lifestyles, encourage civic involvement, and work toward world
peace and understanding.  
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GFWC Hartford
Women's Club
Who We Are
Membership is open to area women
aged 18 or older  who are interested in
"Making it Happen in Hartford", and who
are looking for a way to join forces with
other people to help improve our
community and make new friends at the
same time!

We welcome members with diverse
interests, ideas and backgrounds!

We meet the first Tuesday of each
month* at 7:00 p.m. at the Jack Russell
Memorial Library or other area locations.

*August through December, February
through June.
Making it Happen
in Hartford
GFWC Hartford Women's Club
Hartford, Wisconsin
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